Followup to my previous message.

I am still trying to get ctwm working as I need it to on my 'new' PC 'chill'
(acquired from Chillblast Mid 2020) now running Ubuntu.

After several upgrades of Fedora, I gave up on Fedora 37 after it gave me too
many problems that I could not solve, or find working recommendations for
solving, including networking problems, problems with audio output and
inability to run zoom.

So I switched to Ubuntu and have been trying and failing to install ctwm, until
a colleague curious to try ctwm pointed me at a solution that had worked on his
laptop running ubuntu when he tried it out of curiosity:

He wrote:

> I found it here:
> it's a contribution from a user called cruzer001.
> I was simply searching for how to use ctwm with ubuntu.

So I decided to try what he had found.

It enabled me to start ctwm with a 4x2 array of workspaces (I'll increase that
to 4x3 shortly) and a collection of menus with options that I did not need or
understand, but no way to launch an xterm window in the current workspace -- one
of the most important requirements for me.

(As mentioned in my previous message the specifications given for launching the
above ctwm implementation are unusual:

  First log out!

  At the login screen,  press   Ctrl + Alt + F3
  and then login

  Then enter:

     startx /usr/bin/ctwm

where ctwm is an executable dated 2020 -- i.e. fairly recent.

I wonder whether the author of that version of ctwm is on this list and can tell
me how to edit the menus specification to add ability to launch an xterm window.

Once I have that running I'll use the xterms to download and set up poplog,
which will allow me to use the Poplog editor and other tools, and eventually
restore my old working configuration.

It's possible that I cannot use that ctwm executable if it was designed only to
meet some very specific requirements, using specific executables invoked in its

If that's the case, what would be the best alternative recommendation for
installing ctwm on ubuntu at present? There seem to be different recommendations
for installing ctwm in different places with different dates!

Is there an ubuntu user on this list with relevant experience?



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