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It appears that the 4.1.0 link point to the 4.0.3 gz/xz files ......

On 27/03/2023 00:53, Matthew D. Fuller wrote:
Welcome to the world, CTWM 4.1.0 release.

The major new feature of this release is multi-monitor support via
XRANDR.  It also includes some EWMH improvements and various minor

It also removes several obsolescent features, major among them being
VirtualScreens.  The multi-monitor support added is far more capable and
less weirdly buggy.  If you're currently using VirtualScreens, however,
be prepared for things to work out rather differently on upgrade.

Further details are available in the changelog in the tar or on the

The release is available now in the website as both .tar.xz and
.tar.gz.  The .xz is meaningfully smaller, the .gz may be useful on
systems lacking xz support.

   MD5: 3492ac3ff5771dd3d0a5fef9cacbe35f
   SHA256: dffc4724dda6d5637e96c44e476aee87850ff144312f589dd856e1e8bf192029

   MD5: f55dc473ad6e67b230e47a41f18950b3
   SHA256: 89f6f21e269c641195e6b39fe804537fce79eb0df821b1a696939aeab7444caa

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