On Sun, Apr 09, 2023 at 08:10:43PM -0400 I heard the voice of
Stefan Monnier, and lo! it spake thus:
> For me it prints:
>     Layout: [monitors=[len=2 cap=2 [x=0 y=335 w=1600 h=1200] [x=1600 y=0 
> w=1200 h=1920]]
>      horiz=[len=3 cap=3 [x=0 y=335 w=2800 h=1200] [x=1600 y=0 w=1200 h=335] 
> [x=1600 y=1535 w=1200 h=385]]
>      vert=[len=2 cap=2 [x=1600 y=0 w=1200 h=1920] [x=0 y=335 w=1600 h=1200]]]
> That looks very much like yours :-(

I looked over this quickly last year, but didn't see anything much.  I
spent some more time poking at it today, but still couldn't reproduce
anything surprising.

Using a Xephyr window at 1365x768, and a MonitorLayout to split in
into similarly shaped pieces,


Overridden layout: [monitors=[len=2 cap=4 [x=0 y=84 w=682 h=600] [x=682 y=0 
w=683 h=768]]
 horiz=[len=3 cap=4 [x=0 y=84 w=1365 h=600] [x=682 y=0 w=683 h=84] [x=682 y=684 
w=683 h=84]]
 vert=[len=2 cap=4 [x=682 y=0 w=683 h=768] [x=0 y=84 w=682 h=600]]]

the zooms all seem to DTRT.  Sticking an xterm on the right side gets
full height on f.zoom, covers the whole side on fullscreening, etc
(well, technically, it's a little short on the bottom on zooming,
since xterm clips itself down to full line heights, but it goes all
the way to the top just fine).

> > Do you use Xrandr rotation for HDMI-1?
> > I didn't succeed to test monitor rotation using virtualbox...
> Yes.

This initially makes me suspicious of a connection, since we don't
even look at any such information (and we'd need whole separate calls
to even get it).  But, it doesn't really make sense that it would
_matter_ to us at all anyway.  As far as we care, the right screen is
1200x1920+1600+0, we do things at x coordinates between 1600 and 3520
(0 and 1200 + 1600), y coordinates between 0 and 1920...  the rotation
only matters down at the X server level where it's rotating things
onto the monitor.

So that seems simultaneously the only odd thing that might affect
something, and a detail far below us that couldn't affect anything.
Maybe you could trying providing a MonitorLayout of exactly what XRR
is giving you already.  Though it's what's in the Layout that matters,
and that looks just like we'd expect it to, so I guess if that _did_
fix something, we'd be even _more_ confused...

I did see a few _other_ odd behaviors from the differing sizes.  Like
when having DontMoveOff/MoveOffResistance set, having a window hanging
off the bottom of the left screen, and moving it sideways it does some
weird L/R jumps at the moment it starts impinging on the other
monitor.  And the default +0+0 IconManagerGeometry inexplicably shows
up on the _right_ side at x+0 y+(left side's top).  The universe
obviously needs to just give us more square monitors so we can ignore
this sorta thing.

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