I am having an interaction problem between several keybindings and
the Opera web browser.  I currently have the keys F5 and F6 bount to
f.prevworkspace and f.nextworkspace respectively.  Each of these bindings
have some meaning to Opera.  When I use the keys in the workspace with
the browser, the appropriate action occurs AND the keystroke is passed
thru to the web browser wether it has focus or not.

Is this propogation supposed to occur?  And if so, is there any way to
stop it?  I'm used to the keys and don't want to have to change them.
(And yes, I am trying to find out if I can change the bindings in Opera
as well.)

I am currently using ctwm-3.5, Opera 6.02, and XFree86 Version 4.1.0

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