The following problem is annoying me for years now, but I'm getting a
little bit desparate.

When I run one of these modern, state of the art applications like
OpenOffice.org or Mozilla, and I click on an item (e.g., "File") on
the menu bar, the corresponding menu pops up. Well, sometimes, that
is. In about 50% of the cases the menu pops up only to disappear
immediately under the application window. If it does stay visible, and
I move the mouse to the next item (e.g., "Edit"), the menu pops up and
will disappear, guaranteed. Moving to the next item ("View") yields a
menu that stays on top, then next item one that disappears, and so on.
For a random selection, it's kinda Russian roulette.

I'm pretty sure that it has something to do with my settings, in
particular AutoRaise (that I have "on") in combination with RaiseDelay
(500 msec).

Am I the only one to have this problem? Is there a solution or
workaround? Please?

You can find my ctwmc on http://www.squirrel.nl/pub/xfer/ctwmrc .

-- Johan

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