I am sorry to trouble you all with such a trivial question at a time where
lot's of you are worried about the bigger problem of Claude leaving and
the future of CTWM, but my little problem really annoys me.
I installed CTWM on my Solaris 8 machine, it works fine in most aspects
except I have problems seeing normal colours. Every other application
prints "Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for xxx" and the colours are
wrong, mainly black & white.
I know this might not be a strictly CTWM problem but I am not experienced
enough to know what causes it, and it only occurs when I use CTWM and not
'fancier' desktops like CDE (which I would  think uses up more of the

I saw previous messages about "seperate colormap per workspace" and
"private colormap for application" but they didn't help me, to my
understanding I think my problem and my lack of knowledge is much more

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