>There's actually one other thing you can do - I haven't tested it with curl's 
>configure script, but I did test it with libav's (non-autoconf
>based) configure script today:
>In addition to the -miphoneos-version-min or -mmacosx-version-min option, add 
>-Werror=partial-availability. This makes it an error to refer to symbols that 
>don't exist in the baseline platform version chosen, which should hopefully be 
>enough for the configure test to fail, to make it not use this function.
>// Martin

Thanks Martin. That flag did indeed fail the clock_gettime configure test, and 
much better than my workaound for setting "curl_func_clock_gettime" to no!

Just as a confirmation, this did affect OSX when I tested it, causing a crash 
for the same reason. The partial-availability flag also fixes it for OSX.

Thanks to all for your help,

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