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Very cool! Don't know if this thread is appropriate, or if another is warranted, but curious what interest in North American conf is. Branch this email thread appropriately, good luck with preparations for Nuremberg.

I certainly don't rule out the possibility to run a North American version later on, and I'm sure there are a few people on that side of the globe who feel that Germany is an awfully long way away.

It is mostly a matter of finding a time, location and place to host it and then bandwidth and energy from a number of persons to do the organizing. I'll admit I would probably be easily persuaded to come over as long as it doesn't collide too badly with my calendar.

We're doing this first event (hopefully) in Germany this time because we have a gracious offer to host it there and several of the current top contributors are Europeans.

If you, or anyone else, is interested to work toward a North American based event for real, I think it would make sense to take that thread over on the curl-meet list: https://cool.haxx.se/mailman/listinfo/curl-meet


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