I'm happy to say that after a lot of work and a lot of attempts and with the help from a lot of people, we can finally officially announce the dates and location for the curl meeting of 2017.

We'll gather in Nuremberg Germany over the weekend March 18-19 and talk and code a lot of curl. Mostly talk probably.

All the details we have so far is gathered here:


Our very rough idea of an agenda layout is here:


I'm sure we'll get to some more specific ideas when we get closer but we're also interested in hearing what people are interested in.

You can't sign up for the meeting yet, as we we have to set that up first and figure out some more details. But I hope to open that up as well within not too long.

As mentioned before, we discuss meeting specifics on the curl-meet mailing list and you're all invited to participate if you want to:


I'm already looking forward to this!


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