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When I upgraded cURL to version 7.50.3, I got some of my code to run into an infinite loop when closing down the "multi". All "easy" are closed, but some connections in the cache still contains receivers in the "recv_pipe". Calling "Curl_disconnect" would not close properly the connection and "close_all_connections" would call it in loop forever. Adding "connclose" before call the "Curl_disconnect" fixes the problem.

Infinite loop sounds related to Dan F's post from two weeks ago: https://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2016-10/0011.html, but the triggering reason seems different(?)

How did you end up in this situation, is it reproducible? Are you using Pipelining or HTTP/2 multiplexing?

While I think we should or could do that closing down sequence use more force since it is about to close everything down anyway, it feels like there's a bug lurking here that we should rather fix first than just trying to paint over the problem by forcing the closure of that connection.


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