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Please don't top-post.

I have the same situation. I'm using pipelining. But it's different scenario.

You mean same as in it gets stuck or same as in still contains receivers in recv_pipe ? Also on 7.50.3? (Not that I think we changed anything particular in this area lately so this problem is likely to also exist in other versions.)

I need to polish up the code and then I'll share it cause though it works perfectly I'm not sure multi_* it's meant to work like that.

Certainly no function is ever meant to get stuck in an infinite loop? So no it isn't intended.

P.s. Where should I upload/share the code? Here?

Sure or in a pastebin, github gist or whatever you think is convenient. And then I assume that the code is reasonably small and easy to understand/use too, as otherwise there's not much of a point.


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