Thanks for your feedback.
I am attempting SCP transfer. The SCP transfer works if the destination is 
linux box but not working if the destination is Window's machine. In fact, SFTP 
transferring works in both linux and Window's machine.  

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Subject: Re: curl library 7.36.0: curl_easy_perform() function call failed when 
used for getting a file from Window's machine to my linux box

On Tue, 18 Oct 2016, Zhao, Joe wrote:

> - The function call has successfully passed if getting a file from an 
> external linux box to my linux box
> - The function call has failed with the error code (79) if getting a 
> file from window PC to my linux box

79 is CURLE_SSH, so I assume you're attempting SFTP transfers? I assume those 
two machines run different servers? It sounds just like libssh2 (which handles 
the SSH level bits for curl) has problems with one of them.

The general advice is also to enable CURLOPT_VERBOSE and see if that helps you 
get any additional clues as to what goes wrong.

> Is this issue reported before? If so, is it being fixed in the newer 
> version of the curl library?

It's hard to say. I'd say its worth trying the latest version anyway as if it 
isn't fixed there, that's a much better point to start debugging in order to 
fix... But as I said, this may also just be a libssh2 issue.


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