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Yes, I mean scp server. I have installed scp server on my window's machine for the test. On my linux machine, I am able to get a file from the Window's machine (scp server running) if I use the linux scp command from shell. However, if I use curl library in my application code for getting a file from Window's machine, I got the error 79. As I mentioned, if the scp server is on another linux machine, I am able to get a file using curl library.

That sounds like a problem with libssh2 (and again, the verbose mode may explain some of it). The next step is probably to build a test application directly with libssh2 and see what that says as I fear it will fail the same way... and then debugging libssh2 is the next step.

A basic SCP example for libssh2 is here:


But of course, for libssh2 debugging and help on that route, you're better off on the libssh2-devel mailing list.


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