On Thu, 10 Aug 2017, Christian Weisgerber wrote:

The curl-7.55.0.tar.xz release tarball still includes the obsolete file


Argh, what a silly mistake of mine. Thanks for pointing this out!

This happened because I had done a local test tarball eariler while that man page was still on track, and when it later was renamed the old *.dist file was lingering around. Our "make dist" logic automatically scans for *.dist files, removes the ".dist" extension and puts them into the tarball. The reason for this magic is that it is a convenient way to generate/update files at the time of release without doing it "in place" so that they then end up modified in the local tree where the tarball is produced.

To make this less likely to happen again, I've updated maketgz to now first remove all old *.dist files before the script runs:



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