Platform: Windows (Server 2008, 2012, 2016)

Tool Chain: Visual Studio 2005


I recently upgraded our product to use libCurl version from 7.52.1 to
7.58.0 and during testing noticed that our NTLM authentication was broken.

After reviewing the source changes I found a change that seems to be the
root cause in config-win32.h:




/* Define to use the Windows crypto library. */

#if !defined(USE_OPENSSL) && !defined(USE_NSS)

#define USE_WIN32_CRYPTO




#define USE_WIN32_CRYPTO


We define USE_OPENSSL in our project, so USE_WIN32_CRYPTO has always been
off as we do use OpenSSL. The problem with USE_WIN32_CRYPTO being
unconditionally defined is it results in USE_NTLM2SESSION not being
defined in curl_ntlm_core.h:

#if defined(USE_NTRESPONSES) && !defined(USE_WIN32_CRYPTO)




Was this change by design?

Is there another mechanism for enabling NTLM v2 in 7.58.0?


Thank for your help,




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