On Fri, 9 Mar 2018, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

we're moving up the release date one week to March 14, 2018

I had a look in my calendar to decide what to do with the date for the next release after March 14. Should we shift all future releases a week too?

I propose that we stick to the previous plan and dates, and thus we get 9 weeks to produce the next release. Yay for an extra week! =) This way we can stick to previous release and freeze dates. (5 weeks with features allowed until freeze then 4 weeks bug-fixing only)

We'll also have the curl up meeting in this period, and possibly we get some extra inspiration or desire to do something so it seems fitting that the freeze date is *after* we meet in Stockholm.

Another reason is for me personally: I'm probably travelling the week before the next release is planned to ship so doing it one week earlier would not be ideal for me. May 16 was (and is!) the planned release for what comes after curl 7.59.0.


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