> If they weren't, how did the windows stuff in there get introduced in the
> first place? 

From past discussions, discussions about proposed changes for Windows builds 
did not end in
a clear decision. That's why I now have made a very simple fix.

> That said, I'm personally not a windows developer so I prefer getting
> feedback/comments/reviews from fellow hackers who are, before I merge
> such PRs.
But you have enough knowledge to judge these changes. As these are 'just' 
And if they don't break the build and everything still runs fine, it is almost 
'boolean' science :)

I really like to get feedback. My goal is to get our own modifications in the 
cURL source base,
and make it possible to use (future versions of) cURL out-of-the-box. We are 
already using
cURL for many years and will use it as long as our product is sold and used by 
our customers.

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