Is anyone still using Visual Studio 6 for the cURL winbuild\Makefiles?

If VS6 can be dropped, then the VC=<value> can probably be dropped from 
winbuild\MakefileBuild.vc, and instead of it an output directory can be used 
(in winbuild\Makefile.vc).
That case is probably useful for the case that multiple/different visual studio 
versions are used to compile the same cURL code base, using the winbuild 
method. But is anyone using this?

As a result, if these changes can be made, both Makefile.vc and 
MakefileBuild.vc can become less complex. Currently, the VS=6 check is only 
being used in MakefileBuild.vc.
However, if 'your visual studio should be smart enough' to compile cURL, and 
ancient version of Visual Studio 6 (released in 1998) can probably be dropped 
as 'supported compiler'.

I don't know what policy applies in *NIX land about (very) old compilers?

In Windows-land, if you like to run on a supported Windows version, then 
Windows versions prior to Windows 7 can be considered as (very) old... But that 
is just my opinion.

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