we are using libcurl 7.32.0 for a while now successfully on several platforms, including z/OS Unix System Services. For the z/OS build we have CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS and HAVE_ICONV defined because of the use of EBCDIC.

We now did run into a problem that looks like a bug on non-ASCII platforms in the host name check against subjectAltName for HTTPS connections in the curl code that uses OpenSSL. My hope was that the problem might be fixed in libcurl 7.59.0, but that was not the case, so I developed a potential fix for the problem. But unfortunately after the fix I did run into another problem that did not exist in 7.32.0.

So my question is, what is the state of curl support for platforms that require CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS and HAVE_ICONV? Are corresponding bug reports looked at and are pull requests wanted?

Here is a brief description of the problems:

1) subjectAltName check for HTTPS connections

In lib/vtls/openssl.c in function verifyhost() two strings with different encodings are passed to Curl_cert_hostcheck(), causing the check to always fail. I have a potential fix for this.

2) ASCII-based character classification

The functions in curl_ctype.c work for ASCII only. After checking the history if this file I found the following related GitHub pull request:


In the comment it says:

I figure EBCDIC gets its own set of functions, or possibly even get to use the 
original functions. I don't intend to work on those versions since I don't have 
any such hardware to test on so it'll certainly end up wrong somewhere anyway.

So this apparently is a known problem for EBCDIC.

Thank you

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