> A preliminary test showed that the basic Curl-7.20 version builds
> successfully on XP, however it would seem that this build is void of the
> required libraries: openssl, c-ares or zlib.

Speaking for OpenSSL and Zlib - you have to build these yourself.  We recently 
retired our XP build (as we moved off VC10) but I know that both of those 
projects build OK with the older tools.

I hear where you are coming from (change as little as possible so as to keep 
the old thing of life-support) but as a curl consumer, I would emphasise 
Daniels suggestion of going to the latest and greatest (for curl and zlib at 
least) both these products have (IMO) a good track record of not breaking the 
ABI and if Daniel says it ain't broken it probably isn’t, it certainly won't be 
purposely broken.

I don't include OpenSSL for want of evidence to the contrary.  I'll remark that 
out move to 1.2 was reasonably complicated but that was because of our need to 
dive inside OpenSLL's structures for our own needs.



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