Hi friends,

I'm happy to say that we have a country, a city, a date and a venue all set for curl up 2020!

  Country: Germany
  City: Berlin
  Date: May 9-10, 2020
  Venue: http://co-up.de/

Mark you calendars. Plan something for your family to do without you. Prepare for the fun.

This day is still far away but things to start thinking about include:

 - what you want to to talk about
 - what you want to hear others talk about
 - if your company wants to sponsor and get visibility there. Things we
   could use sponsors for include:
   o food
   o stickers
   o tshirts
   o [insert your idea]
 - a suitable place to have a Saturday night team dinner at

The event is to be held at no cost to attendees but registration will be required. The registration will open at a later time - I will let you know.

These details and more as we get more will be available on the still pretty barren curl up 2020 wiki page:


As always, the planning of the details should be kept on the curl-meet mailing list. Join there to participate and help out with the planning of curl up 2020 and to make sure it becomes the best curl up yet!

This feels great!


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