The option curl -data (or -d) is slow with big file


Example of command

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8" -X POST -o res_req.json -d @req.json


With a 100 MB file req.json file 


In src/tool_getparam.c (line 1418 in curl 7.66.0), the function file2string
is called

And in src/tool_paramhlp.c, the function file2string does very often realloc


For me, the option is using --data-binary wich uses file2memory, calling
less realloc and far faster for big file.


But I suppose a lot of user don't know this is better and uses -d  / --data
just because the file is a text file.


So I suggest modifying file2string to call realloc less often, like



Gilles Vollant


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