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Hello, Patrick.

Hi Aleksandr,

Please use the mailing list at https://cool.haxx.se/mailman/listinfo/curl-library or create a github issue for all curl library related issues: they might interest other people as well and since I do not have access to an IBM i for 3 years, someone else could also help you.

I Cc this reply to the list.

I've discovered you as an author of libcurl for os400 makefiles (should admit, quality ones). All build process of libcurl ran smoothly except couple specific places I've got to build by hand.
This may interest us. If the build process described in packages/OS400/README.OS400 fails, please create an issue on github.

However, there are troubles when it comes to usage.
Can you please elaborate solving it?
Code attached.

The main failure reason is CURLE_COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST no matter what host is selected (even plain resolvable ip).

I think that the main issue is in line 367 of MPRINTF.C because strtol picks up job CCSID. Then the code is hanging when it gets string of 05u in ansi and considers it as a decimal.

If this is the real reason, the regular (EBCDIC) strtol is called instead of the QADRT version (ASCII). This should not occur and may come from what you've done manually during the build process.

I rather suspect the use of curl_easy_setopt() for string options instead of curl_easy_setopt_ccsid(): curl_easy_setopt() takes ASCII strings and you give it EBCDIC strings.

In addition, your C program has some bugs/caveats:

- NEVER redefine CURL_* preprocess symbols. Including curl/curl.h should define them for you.

- The remote port is defined twice inconsistently (with CURLOPT_URL and CURLOPT_PORT). As a result, the one in CURLOPT_URL is meaningless. Of course this is not the source of your current problem.

Please remember the curl library is an ASCII-based library and maybe read again packages/OS400/README.OS400.



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