> I don't really understand what were the latest big moves,
 > because the CURL.COM is now (?) properrty of Sumisho Computer
 > Systems and as I am also on "the other" mailing list (yahoo
 > suscribing msg #10) that gets very few posts, it looks like in
 > one hand Curl "didn't make it" and on the other hand some of
 > you (friedger, chris...) are still active and involved in its
 > matters.

Yes, Curl Corp. got bought out by SCS and became Curl, Inc.
about a year ago.

Being owned by a much larger company has many advantages, particularly
in our credibility in the marketplace.  Curl is rapidly gaining
popularity in Japan, and we hope this will spread to other countries
as more and more people hear of us.

Most of our customers use private support channels, not this mailing
list, which is why you do not see much traffic here.

In terms of the day-to-day operations of the engineering team, things
have not changed all that much since the buyout (although of course
the needs of our new customers helps determine what we do next).
In addition to the new staff in Japan we still have the same developers
in Cambridge working on the same products.

I hope that answers your question.


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