Hi, gurus!
I met with difficulty for building a VLE Extension.
My goal is to build a VLE Extension, to which users can take a class as its child.
First, I programmed the next class;
{define-class public TBaseForm {inherits Dialog}
  field protected fr : Frame = {Frame width={make-elastic}, height={make-elastic}}
  {constructor public {default label:any="TBaseForm", ...}
        border-width=1px, border-color="black", border-style="flat",
    {self.add replace?=true,
        {VBox width={make-elastic}, height={make-elastic}, background="",
            {CommandButton label=label},
  {method public {add-child g:any}:void
    {self.fr.add replace?=true, g}
As you already noticed it from the source code, if users take a class as its child,
the class becomes a child of TBaseForm.fr : Frame.
Next, I successfully built TBaseForm to a VLE extension, so when I launched the VLE,
I can see its icon in the palettes and use it, too.
However, when I ran it after I took a RecordGrid on it by a drag and drop,
an error raised; "A TBaseForm may Contain only a single graphic child."
Before I ran it, I certainly saw that the RecordGrid was added as a child of TBaseForm
in the Layout tree.
I tested that on Curl 4.0 beta.
If you know how to correct that problem, tell me please.
Besides, if you have any advices for me about that problem,
I welcome whatever they are.
Dong-gyu Yi

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