Hi, gurus!

 Now I am developing a Curl applet that it can communicate an ActiveX control. 
My curl applet have to do something in response to events from the ActiveX 

 When I created an instance of the ActiveX control with the class 
ActiveXObject, I could use its methods and fields, but I couldn't know how I 
could receive events from it.

 In case of Javascrpt or VBScript, I can receive events of an ActiveX control 
like this;

<SCRIPT language="VBScript or Javascript" for="ActiveXControlName" 
event="eventName(Parameter1, Parameter2, ...)">

The codes in Javascript or VBScript that are run when the event fire is located 


 Like that, can the Curl applets receive events from ActiveX controls? If it 
can do so, how can I get it?

- Yong 

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