Paul, thanks for your interest.

You may not have heard much about Curl in the recent past because we are
currently focused on promoting Curl in East Asia, particularly in Japan and
Korea. Curl is very well known there, with our technology used by more than
120 customers in Japan in addition to some in Korea and North America. We
have many important partners in Japan who are developing products using
Curl, and we had an enthusiastic response to our large booth at a recent
developer's conference in Tokyo (SODEC).

Your question is timely because we are just starting to promote the use of
Curl technology outside of East Asia. Free licenses for non-commercial use
will soon be available, and we are planning to make commercial licenses
available worldwide - details will be announced later this year.

Meanwhile, Curlbreaker readers may be interested to learn that there will be
a new version (4.0) of Curl released in September, and that the beta release
of this 4.0 can be downloaded by any one who is interested. We will be
posting it on our website soon, but for now you can send mail to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] for download instructions.

Here are some of the new features in version 4.0. A more complete list is available on the welcome page of the IDE.

Better interface to dlls
Data-driven charts
Diagram API
Improved tree control and tab container
Support for pagination
Improved printing
Improved RecordGrid
Applet code signing
Basic encryption API
Detached (browserless) applets

The Curl IDE also has the following new features in 4.0:

Performance profiler
Integrated source control
Multiple open projects
Full-text search of help
Http traffic monitor
Wizard for creating VLE extensions
Code coverage tool

Best regards,

David Kranz
CTO, VP Engineering
Curl, Inc.
Cambridge, MA 02142

As for the VRML question, I do not know whether such a conversion has been written by any one.

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