Yong-Woong Kim wrote:

> Your good example encouraged me to address my problem and yesterday I made an 
> plan and tried it. My process properly followed the document of TibCo 
> ActiveX. It is the next;
>[My goal]
> I'd like to receive the event(onMsg) from an ActiveX(COM), TibCo, then I want 
> to do something.
>[My Condition]
> I have a document about the the ActiveX Tibco, so I know its ProgId, fields 
> and methods. However, I cannot add or edit its source code.
>[My process to receive the method Msg from TibCo ActiveX]
>1. I create an ActiveXObject, tc in Curl.
>2. I execute {tc.m1} : Queue and get q:Queue as a return value,
>   in which Queue is a class in tc:ActiveXObject and I also let it in 
> ActiveXObject.
>3. I execute {qr.add q}, in which qr is a ActiveXObject, QueueGroup, too.
>4. I execute {tc.m2 q:Queue, ...}, which will fire a Msg event. 
>5. After receiving the event, I do something.
> Unfortunately, when I ran a curl applet to make my plan realize, an error 
> occured at the step 4; "The argument type[0] is different."
>I think 'the argument type[0] means the type of q.
I asked the ActiveX expert here at Curl about this. He says this does
not look like our error message, unless it's not the exact message
string. Perhaps it's coming from the ActiveX itself. Perhaps there is
some argument type mismatch (which is detected by the COM system or the
ActiveX itself).

We need more info to help more. Please send at least the type library of
the ActiveX and the relevant Curl code fragments. I wouldn't be
surprised if the curlbreaker list will not accept attachments, so you
should send to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Also, [EMAIL PROTECTED] would keep your
code confidential.

> To be strange, when I created a q:Queue instead of executing {tc.m1} and 
> returning it, no error occured. Nevertheless, any event was not fired at the 
> step 5.
> I have tried to solve that unexpectable problem with my colleagues, but we 
> cannot find the solution, yet. If anyone guess the cause or have any ideas to 
> solve it, let me know them. I welcome whatever they are.
> Thankful to you,
> Yong
> P.S.
> Can I get the ProgId or the ClsId of an ActiveXObject which is not created 
> but returned in result of a method?
There is no way to get it only from Curl, but it's possible if the
ActiveX implements the IProvideClassInfo interface.

-- Duke

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