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Go to Surge Control Panel.
Select the Security Options Tab.
Then click on "This Computer".
Click on "Add Privileged Directory".  This will bring up a Dialog box with a text field. In the text field type "c:\".
Press OK.
-- Kamal
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How do i solve the error below?
<Error> - An error occurred while loading this applet.
SecurityException: An unprivileged applet tried to read the local file 'file:///c:/control-panel-logo.gif'. This message is caused by an error in the applet, not by a problem with Surge or your computer.

This is only happening because you are running the applet from a file rather than a web server. Typically during development you would use a web server, perhaps http://localhost/. The IDE provides a license you can use for http://localhost/. Or you can just run the applet as a file: URL and privileged, although that may cause it to behave differently than the typical deployment situation where the applet will be at an http: URL and unprivileged.

-- Duke

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