Duke Briscoe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I think CDE plugins run as part of the CDE, which is not an applet
> so {get-the-applet} will not work.  Maybe you can run part of your
> plugin as a subapplet, or use a local file instead of the persistent
> data feature.

Duke is right, the IDE isn't an applet so {get-the-applet} won't
work.  The IDE does support an API that can be used in external
editors that works a lot like set-persistent-data.  It's
SurgeLabInterface.set-preference and SurgeLabInterface.get-preference.

An editor ("plugin") can use this API to store its data in the IDE
preferences file.  To avoid colliding with other tools, I would
recommend choosing a pref-key based on your editor's ID, for example
the VLE uses keys like "visual-layout-editor/session/pane-sizes".


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