Hi James,

Can you be a little more specific in what you are trying to do?

If the procedures are in different scopes they can have the same name.

You can redefine a method in an inherited class (with some limitations)

You can use the same name in many class definitions without restriction if they do not inherit.

The example below uses the proc / method named testing in the above mentioned ways.

file test.curl ***************************************

{curl 5.0 applet}
{curl-file-attributes character-encoding = "windows-latin-1"}

{import * from testp, location = {url "./load.scurl"}}

{define-proc {testing in:int}:int  || applet scope
   {return in+10}

{define-class Parent
 {method public {testing in:int}:int || parent method
   {return in+10}

{define-class Child {inherits Parent}
 {method public {testing in:int}:int  || child method
   {return {super.testing in} + 100}  || use parent method

{define-class Unrelated
 {method public {testing}:String  || unrelated so no restrictions
   {return "Hi - I am unrelated"}

   let a:Parent = {Parent}
   let b:Child = {Child}
   let c:Unrelated = {Unrelated}
{VBox {testing 1}, || applet scope
       {testing {try-me 2}},    || applet scope and package scope
       {a.testing 3},           || parent method
       {b.testing 4},           || child method - that uses parent method
       {c.testing}              || unrelated method

file load.scurl **********************************************

{curl 5.0 package}
{curl-file-attributes character-encoding = "windows-latin-1"}
{package testp}

{define-proc {testing in:int}:int  || scoped in package
   {return in+100}

{define-proc public {try-me in:int}:int
   {return {testing in}}  || uses package call

JamesWang wrote:
Does Curl support method or procedure override?

I can define two procedures with the same name in Curl.Does it mean Curl
does not support that?


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