Hello Bert,Christopher

Thanks for your answers!
In Chinese,we get used to translating 'overload' and 'override' into the
same chinese words,so I mentioned 'override' in my mail but in fact I had
wanted to say 'overload'.
I am sorry.
Our developers have solved the problem as what Bert said.
Thanks a lot!


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> Christopher Barber wrote:
> > It is possible to mimic the behavior of overloading by defining a
> > macro which examines its arguments and determines which implementation
> > to dispatch to, but it is usually not worth the trouble.
> Also, Curl's support for optional, rest, and keyword arguments in
> procedure (as well as method and constructor) argument lists means that
> many problems that would otherwise be solved using overloading are easy
> to solve without overloading.  For example, if you want to define a
> procedure that sometimes takes one argument and sometimes two, it is
> easy to define a procedure using a definition like this
>     {define-proc {p a:double, ...:double}:double
>          <procedure body>
>     }
> and then within the body of the procedure you can check whether or not a
> second argument was supplied, and act accordingly.
> -Bert

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