Hi Maekawa

I have tried as what you said but I did not find any process named
"surge-do.exe" in the windows task manager but "surge-lab.exe".
If "surge-lab" is what process you said,I have noticed the memory problem of
When I kept running the sample applet in the Curl IDE ,the memory of
"surge-lab"was increasing all time.
Even after closing all applets,the memory of it seemed not be released.

Is this the problem you mentioned in mail?

Best Regards


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Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2006 10:52 AM
Subject: surge-do.exe problem?

> Hi gurus.
> Today I noticed that "surge-do.exe" processes don't decrease
> although all applets has been exited.(even serge.exe has been exited.)
> I made sure that all applets has been finished by
> checking the applet manager of Curl control panel.
> For example, please try to run the bellow applet again and again,
> I wonder that you'll see the incleasing of the "surge-do.exe" processes
> through the OS's task manager.
> {curl 4.0 applet}
> {curl-file-attributes character-encoding = "shift-jis"}
> {View
>     || Replace {Frame} with your code.
>     {Frame width = 8cm, height = 8cm},
>     visibility = "normal",
>     {on WindowClose do
>         {exit}
>     }
> }
> my environment is curl 4.0,Windows XP SP2.
> regards.
> --maekawa

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