surge-lab.exe will be started if you have the IDE installed and if the URL locations of the applets you run are listed as debuggable in the control panel.

I'm not sure about the surge-do.exe processes not exiting. How are you starting the applets? Double clicking on a file, or running them from the IDE?

On Oct 19, 2006, at 12:00 AM, Takanobu Maekawa wrote:

Thanks Jamse.

I have tried as what you said but I did not find any process named
"surge-do.exe" in the windows task manager but "surge-lab.exe".

I tried to run the sample applet which I showed at the previous
mail again, then three processes which are surge.exe,surge-do.exe,
and surge-lab.exe began to run.

And then I shutdowned Surge by select "shutdown" button on Curl control
panel, only surge-do.exe has remained.

That seems stragne...


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