Hi Maekawa

I tried again and found the "surge-do.exe" process did appear once when
double-clicking a curl applet.But it got disappeared immediately.So did
every time.

So,can you help me verify the "surge-do.exe"process is not shown in the
windows task manager before you run the applet and it is started when you
run the applet and stays there for all time even after you shut down the
curl control panel?

What is your IE version?And have you done some changes to curl?For
example,change some default settings in control panel.

Thanks a lot.


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> Thanks Jamse.
> > I have tried as what you said but I did not find any process named
> > "surge-do.exe" in the windows task manager but "surge-lab.exe".
> Hm...
> I tried to run the sample applet which I showed at the previous
> mail again, then three processes which are surge.exe,surge-do.exe,
> and surge-lab.exe began to run.
> And then I shutdowned Surge by select "shutdown" button on Curl control
> panel, only surge-do.exe has remained.
> That seems stragne...
> regards.
> --maekawa

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