Nathan, here is some advice from someone else here at Curl. Let us know if it helps.

If you are only getting raw clicks, it may be a connection problem between QTP and Curl.

Close down Curl RTE and QTP.
Start QTP, it should give a "add-in" popup screen. The screen shows a list of add-in and Curl RTE should be checked. (If it doesn't show this screen, it is under a menu option. I don't remember the exact menu option) After QTP is completely started, it should also start RTE automatically. At this point QTP and RTE should be "connected."

Try recording a click on a CommandButton. If QTP records a "Click" action instead of a "rawclick" action, then you are all set. If it is still a rawclick, it may be something else.

On Dec 27, 2007, at 11:53 AM, Nathan Tuttle wrote:

Has anyone done this for Mercury Quick Test Professional?
I am getting as far as getting my controls to record and playback. It seems to record and playback fine when I get "Raw Click" messages. But other controls are seen non-ambiguously in QTP yet CANNOT be played back. Also is there any other way besides reflection to get qtp to properly understand a gui control. As said before it seems to be the items where they "raw click" works as opposed to the straightforward command.

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