Hello gurus 

I met a critical performance issue in calling
methods/properties of Excel.Application(ActiveXObject) for
creating excel files in a Curl applet.

This applet is converted from a Visual Basic(6.0)
application, so the methods/properties used by the Curl
applet is completely the same with the original VB

With the VB application, creating the xls file costs about
twenty seconds, while in Curl, creating the same xls file
(containing the same data, the same formatted style) costs
about 120 seconds.
So, calling methods/properties in Curl applet used about
six times long time comparing with the VB application.

Attached files are copied from the project codes in VB and
Curl accordingly.

Note the two applications in VB and Curl are identical in
the meaning of  function and codes logic.
Codes in attached files are called in a for loop of
another method/sub.
Also note that it has been proved that procs like
Variant-to-Boolean, vb-var-diff are not related with this
performance issue.

Does anyone know any reason about this big difference ?
Are there any way to accelerate my Curl applet on
outputting excel files   with Excel.Application
ActiveXObject ?

The attached files are encoded in utf-8.

Thank you.

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