Hi people,
I was wanting to try NetBSD current in my new ASUS laptop (X555UB), but I'm facing many issues:

First: the system cannot see my touchpad as pms device. There is no pms device listed in dmesg. My touchpad is a Elantech. Any idea?

Second: I have a Skylake i7 CPU and a Nvidia 940M, any idea if some of them is supported? In negative case, when will be? Is there a linux-drm branch which I can get newer graphics support?

Third: my wifi pci device is not supported, it is an Atheros AR9485. I don't think this have a workaround =/.

The reasons I want to try NetBSD on my machine is rump kernel, pkgsrc and the NetBSD clean code is so easy to understand and study.

Thanks for any answers.

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