On 2016/10/13 4:02, Rin Okuyama wrote:
On 2016/10/13 3:16, S.P.Zeidler wrote:
If you don't use an ASM method it should fall back to C and that should
always work, just be a bit slower, and most of the ASM in sparc only kicks
in if MACHINE is sparc64.

Ah, I've realized the situation at last (I'm newbie to sparc). I checked two
cases of MACHINE == MACHINE_ARCH == sparc{,64}, but we also have to test yet
another case of MACHINE_ARCH == sparc && MACHINE == sparc64. Yes, I will do
it later (-current is broken at the moment, due to import errors of gdb.old).

Oops, the combination of MACHINE_ARCH == sparc && MACHINE == sparc64 is
rejected by build.sh. When do it forcibly, compile errors occur here and
there. ".if ${MACHINE} == sparc64" in somewhere/arch/sparc is paraphrase
of ".ifdef notdef"?

Sorry for getting off the subject,

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