Excerpt from SAITOH Masanobu:

> I've not used grub2. If someone(TM) succeeded booting with grub2, it would be 
> good to summarize the howto.

I haven't tried to boot NetBSD with UEFI, only legacy.  But it works (legacy 
boot at least) with grub2; I use Super Grub2 Disk image on older versions of 
System Rescue CD:

set root=(hd1,gpt18)  (or wherever)
knetbsd /netbsd-89901-noathn  (or whatever is the kernel name)

You can also use parameters with knetbsd such as -c (userconf), which I needed 
to boot before I commented out athn lines in kernel config (athn driver 
prevented the kernel from booting).

You can run "help knetbsd" (or other grub2 command) at the grub2 command prompt.

I haven't used sysinst recently, don't even know how or if it works with GPT.


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