npf previously had no issues using a "ruleset" in multiple groups, however
it now has a problem and fails with

        npfctl: (re)load failed: some table has a duplicate entry?

The following is a minimal npf.conf to illustrate with it failing due to
the second ``ruleset "blacklistd"'' causing the issue:
        $if1_if = inet4(vmx0)
        $if2_if = inet4(vmx1)

        alg "icmp"

        group "foo" on $if1_if {
                ruleset "blacklistd"
        group "bar" on $if2_if {
                ruleset "blacklistd"

        group default {
                pass final on lo0 all
                block all

I haven't investigated further yet.  Ring any bells with anyone?

System is amd64 -current.


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