NetBSD Test Fixture wrote:
> /tmp/bracket/build/2018.
>  fatal error: insn-opinit.h: No such file or directory
>      #include "insn-opinit.h"
>                              ^

This looks like yet another random failure due to PR 53137.
This really needs to be fixed.

The build is now failing in a different place, and the new failure did
not get reported automatically because it was hidden by the one above:

--- dependall-pam_ssh ---
 In function 'pam_ssh_add_keys_to_agent':
 error: too few arguments to function 'ssh_add_identity_constrained'
    if (ssh_add_identity_constrained(agent_fd, psk->key,
In file included from 
 note: declared here
 int ssh_add_identity_constrained(int sock, const struct sshkey *key,

Andreas Gustafsson,

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