On Sat, 14 Apr 2018, John D. Baker wrote:

> I don't recall having the primary nameserver NFS-rooted a week or so
> ago when I first encountered this, but it's entirely possible.
> Too tricky for my own good.

OK, I know I'd pulled that trick in the past and I just realized why it
didn't work this time and how to fix it.

When I upgraded the file server/secondary name server to netbsd-8, I
prepared a new system disk in another machine, starting with a clone
of an older netbsd-7 installation from the file server.

The install host used DHCP rather than static IP and it re-wrote
"/etc/resolv.conf", putting the primary nameserver's IP address first.
Thus, when the disk was installed in the file server, it would try to
query the primary nameserver first.

As long as the file server (as a secondary name server) queries itself
first for DNS resolution, all is well.  All it took was restoring the
old "/etc/resolv.conf" to put the "nameserver" entries in the proper
order and I can reboot the file server out from under the NFS-rooted
primary nameserver without hanging 'mountd'.

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