Sorry for the delayed response.    I believe that I can support (as AWG Chair). 
   I would also suggest Matt Bianchi (lead CE Service Developer), Chandan 
Nandakumara (QWG, Board member) or Dave Waltermire (QWG 5.0, Board Member) and 
Martin Prpic (CNA Adopter and CVE Services Client Developer).

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Takers... any takers.....

From: Noble, Kathleen 
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Subject: [EXT] OpenSSF Meeting Part Deux

Hi Friends,
               The OpenSSF folks have invited us back to their by-weekly 
working group for another chat on Monday 4Oct at 4PM EST. We focused the last 
conversation with this audience on the CVE Program, what it is and what its is 
not. The next session should focus on the technical development work we are 
undertaking. It might be a good idea to walk through the 5 required parts of a 
CVE Entry, and talk about the services.

Unfortunately, I need help. Well actually, I need to hand the conversation over 
to someone that can speak intelligently about the technical stuff and answer 

Please advise?


Katie Noble
Director, Intel PSIRT and Bug Bounty
Keybase: katienoble

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