While it wasn't directly part of the discussion, this may be related:



So keeping track of/logging all changes, but also adding owning_cna to the 
JSON, which requires some work on the services/backend.

  - Art

On 2023-01-25 10:14, Lisa Olson wrote:

> Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but the conversation, as I recall, was 
> around storing change history with regards to GDPR considerations.  MITRE 
> lawyers are digging into the implications and Madison Oliver is also doing 
> some research on behalf of Github and GDPR.
> Lisa
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> *Subject:* [EXTERNAL] Re: CVE Board Meeting Summary: January 18, 2023
> I would expect so, Art. Is this a controversial issue? I assume there's some 
> context and nuance here.
> And yes, I'm fully prepared to take my absentee lumps, Kent. 8am Wednesdays 
> are no longer really great for me for calls (though it looks like I can join 
> on the bottom half pretty often).
> On Tue, Jan 24, 2023 at 3:58 PM Art Manion <zman...@protonmail.com 
> <mailto:zman...@protonmail.com>> wrote:
>     On 2023-01-24 16:48, Kent Landfield wrote:
>      > Reach out to the CNA community to gauge how important CVE Record 
> Change History is to them.
>     Opinion:  CVE Record change history should be fully public and 
> transparent.
>     While partially a separate question, this could be provided through a git 
> repo of JSON files.
>        - Art
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