I have question about freezing a Python 3.6 script.The cx_Freeze version has 
been 5.0.2
My goals:- the exe should operate as a service under Windows10.- the service 
should be able to respond to TCP requests as a server.
The exe runs well if the base is "Win32GUI" in the setup.py, but in that case 
it does not communicate with TCP portsĀ (though it can set a port up into 
I have found the Win32Service base in the version 4.3.4 but with that the 
execution crashes. Is it correct base?There comes error: "Internal Message: 
cannot locate service name"That comes from Win32Service.
Can anyone help me with this? Basically what base should I use with a server?Do 
I have to build the base exe first and how?
Br,Arto Rasimus

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