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U.S. Customs Service, Russian Police Take Down
Global Child Pornography Web Site

4 Arrests, 15 Search Warrants Thus Far in U.S.; 5 Arrests in Russia

Washington, D.C. -- The U.S. Customs Service today announced four arrests and 
execution of 15 search warrants across the country in Operation Blue Orchid, an 
ongoing global investigation into a Russian Web site selling child pornography 
videotapes over the Internet and through the mail.

Blue Orchid Web site.

Working together, Moscow City Police and U.S. Customs identified a group of Russian 
child pornographers engaged in the production and distribution of child pornography to 
customers in the United States and Europe. Moscow City Police have arrested five 
accused child pornographers and child molesters in Operation Blue Orchid.

"The United States Customs Service is working aggressively with law enforcement 
officials both here and abroad in making a worldwide assault on the producers, 
distributors and purchasers of child pornography sold over the Internet," said Acting 
U.S. Customs Commissioner Charles Winwood. "The global nature of the Internet demands 
a global response by law enforcement to protect innocent children, regardless of their 

In May 2000, Moscow City Police requested the assistance of the U.S. Customs Attaché 
in Moscow to identify and investigate the individuals responsible for an Internet Web 
site depicting the sexual and physical abuse of children. The U.S. Customs Attaché in 
Moscow subsequently contacted the U.S. Customs CyberSmuggling Center in Fairfax, 
Virginia, to request that the center conduct an undercover purchase from the Blue 
Orchid Web site allegedly operated by Russians Sergey GARBKO and Vsevolod 

Following the undercover buy, analysts at the CyberSmuggling Center provided 
information to the U.S. Customs Attaché in Moscow, which led Moscow City Police to 
ELBE. Russian police detained ELBE and a 13-year-old boy in December 2000. Interviews 
of ELBE disclosed that he had transported the minor from Novokuybishevsk to Moscow for 
the purpose of sexual exploitation. Subsequently, Moscow City Police conducted a 
search of the subject's apartment and seized 400 videotapes, video duplication 
equipment, and sales and shipping records. The U.S. Customs Attaché in Moscow assisted 
in the search and seizure and provided technical assistance in the investigation of 

As a result of the December 2000 search, the U.S. Customs Attaché in Moscow forwarded 
information to U.S. Customs field offices in the United States, identifying a number 
of suspects who allegedly had ordered child pornography from the Blue Orchid Web site. 
Additionally, approximately 50 leads were sent to U.S. Customs Attaché offices around 
the world. To date, enforcement actions have been completed in Sweden, Denmark, and 
the Netherlands. Investigations currently are underway in a number of other European 

On January 26, 2001, the U.S. Customs Special Agent in Charge in Chicago, in 
conjunction with the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana, conducted a 
search of the home of Glenn Martikean, resulting in the seizure of videotapes, 
computer media and related documents. U.S. Customs agents later learned that, at the 
time of the search, Martikean was in Russia attempting to have sex with a child.

When Martikean arrived in the U.S., on January 31, 2001, he was arrested by U.S. 
Customs agents for child pornography violations, including child sex tourism.

On March 23, 2001, a federal grand jury in the Northern District of Indiana indicted 
the first Blue Orchid suspect, Glenn MARTIKEAN, on violations involving the illegal 
importation of child pornography from Blue Orchid as well as interstate and foreign 
travel to engage in sexual activity with minors.

The following police departments assisted in the investigation of Martikean: Brown 
County, Wisconsin Sheriff's Office, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin Sheriff's Office, 
Hobart, Indiana Police Department, and the Portage, Indiana Police Department.

Accused child pornographer Victor Razumov (foreground) is shown after his arrest in 
The Russian portion of the case culminated on March 2, 2001 with the arrest of Victor 
RAZUMOV, AKA the "Punisher," on charges that he molested and sexually abused a 
fifteen-year-old boy during the making of two videos, "Thief's Punishment I and II." 
The movies depict forcible sex and painful sadomasochistic activity. The victim is 
visibly crying in both films.

In addition to the "Thief's Punishment" videos, Blue Orchid also advertised a series 
of movies called "Russian Flowers." Customs and Moscow City Police had previously 
identified the producers of the "Russian Flowers" child pornography series, but until 
now had not been able to determine the producers' involved in the making of the 
"Thief's Punishment" tapes.

The victims - mostly young boys from homeless or troubled families - were solicited 
and taken to Moscow. The producers used many of the boys repeatedly. Some of the films 
featured adults engaged in abusive sexual activity with the boys. Most of the victims 
came from the city of Novokuybishevsk, approximately 560 miles from Moscow.

Blue Orchid customers would wire cash, then email the distributor with instructions on 
where to send the tape. The distributor would ship the videotape via private courier 
or the postal service. Prices ranged from $200-$300 per video. Records seized from the 
distributors indicate videotapes were shipped worldwide, but most were sent to the 
United States. U.S. Customs Attaché offices overseas are following up on leads in six 
European countries.

U.S. Customs officials credit the Moscow City Police in the take down of the Blue 
Orchid Web site, and the cooperation and assistance of many local and state law 
enforcement agencies and at least a dozen U.S. Attorney's Offices throughout the U.S.

Moscow City Police received training at the U.S. Customs CyberSmuggling Center in 
Fairfax, Virginia, in July 2000 on Internet child pornography investigative 
techniques. This training was funded by the U.S. Department of State.

Blue Orchid is the third child pornography distribution network to be taken down by 
U.S. Customs and Moscow City Police, including the Internet operation run by a 
Russian, Dmitry KUZNETSOV, who distributed child pornography videos via e-mail 
solicitation. As a result of an undercover purchase by U.S. Customs in Oxnard, 
California, in November 1999 the Moscow City Police were able to identify KUZNETSOV 
and arrested him in February 2000. As part of a Russian amnesty program, KUZNETSOV was 
released from prison in September 2000.

The U.S. Customs Service has investigated the trafficking of child pornography since 
the 1970s, and began investigating computer and Internet child pornography in the 
1980s. U.S. Customs has arrested more than 1,000 individuals since 1992 for offenses 
relating to the possession and/or trafficking in child pornography. Last year, U.S. 
Customs arrested 320 individuals for offenses relating to the possession and/or 
trafficking in child pornography.



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