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4.5 million sought for Rome lab

O-D Washington bureau

U.S. Rep. Sherwood Boehlert, R-New Hartford, is asking Congress for $4.5 million to 
expand the Cyber Science Laboratory in Rome as part of his plan for a greater federal 
role in developing technologies to fight computer-based crime.

Speaking at the National Institute of Justice’s Law Enforcement and Technology Fair 
Tuesday, Boehlert said he has requested the funds to enable NIJ’s laboratory in Rome 
to become part of a “new, broader, national effort” to improve cyberspace 

The biggest threat to America now comes from “terrorists, hackers, pedophiles and 
common criminals operating over the Internet,” Boehlert said. “These are crimes borne 
of a technological era and new technologies are critical to fighting them.”

Boehlert, chairman of the House Science Committee, is also proposing that the Bush 
administration create an Office of Science and Technology at the Justice Department. 
The office would coordinate efforts to research, develop, evaluate and disseminate new 
cyberspace crime-fighting technologies.

Boehlert wants the $4.5 million for the NIJ center at Rome included in a spending bill 
being considered today by the House Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary 
Appropriations subcommittee.

Under Boehlert’s proposal, the NIJ would expand New York’s program nationwide as the 
National Electronic Crime Partnership Initiative run by the Justice Department, using 
the Rome Center as a base.

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