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 Seven accused of threatening police officers via the Internet


SAN BERNARDINO Police arrested seven people and confiscated firearms, drugs and 
computers following a two-month investigation of death threats against San Bernardino 
officers and their families, officials said Thursday.

The threats were sent via the Internet to graffiti and probation officers who arrested 
Ricardo Soto, 25, and Brandon Campbell, 19, both of San Bernardino, and two other 
people whose names were not available. They were convicted of receiving stolen 
property from Union Pacific trains in Colton earlier this year, Sgt. Dwight Waldo said.

The same day Soto, Campbell and the two others were convicted, officers at the 
department began receiving death messages threatening officers and their families, he 

Waldo said he wasn't sure what day the convictions were handed down, but said the 
threats began about May 11.

Officers worked with Bob Perriguey, a county District Attorney Office's investigator 
who specializes in high technology crimes, to track down the messages. After two 
months of searching, Perriguey matched the messages to their original locations. About 
30 officers and the district attorney's tactical team and high technology crime unit 
served search warrants at seven locations Wednesday, Waldo said.

Simultaneously, officers went into seven residences in San Bernardino, Highland and 
Upland at 7 a.m. and made seven arrests, he said.

Soto was arrested on suspicion of making terrorist threats, computer crimes and 
violating his probation. Campbell was arrested on suspicion of probation violation.

A 15-year-old boy also was arrested on suspicion of making terrorist threats on a 

The arrests confirmed officers' beliefs that the threats were related to Soto's and 
Campbell's case, Waldo said.

An amount of cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana with a total weight of about one 
pound was also seized during the arrests, he said. Officers also confiscated graffiti 
instruments, computers and 10 assault rifles, one of which was illegally modified, 
Waldo said.

Johnetta Novotny, 48, of San Bernardino was arrested on suspicion of possession for 
sale of narcotics.

Her son, Joseph Novotny, 21, of San Bernardino was arrested on a warrant, as was 
Trevor Tyra, 22, of Upland.

Tyra's father, David Tyra, 50, of Upland was arrested on suspicion of possession of 
illegal firearms.

Waldo said prison sentences will be sought against Soto and Campbell for violating 
their probation in addition to the new charges.

"It was a very good day," Waldo said.

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