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"State's New Cyberpolice Off to Good Start" 
Baton Rouge Advocate (07/26/01) P. 6-D; McClain, Randy 

Louisiana law enforcement officials are pleased with its new
computer crimes unit, which has caught several high-tech
offenders, including child pornographers who were targeting
local youth. The unit, which was developed last year, has been
able to conduct investigations in 23 Louisiana parishes of
computer hacking and email virus cases. According to the FBI,
computer crimes are on the rise, with 85 percent of U.S.
companies and government agencies reporting computer breaches
within the past year. Louisiana authorities noted the program
was established in December with the help of a $35,000 grant
from the state's Commission on Law Enforcement. The unit
utilizes such tools as NeoTrace, which is able to locate the
addresses of offending computers within minutes.

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